Speaking Topics

Manya’s mission is to spread the word about how trauma impacts people’s lives and how to thrive after difficult life experiences. She speaks to corporate and public sector audiences on resiliency, trauma-sensitive leadership, and the power of words in aiding recovery and wellness.

Manya works with event planners to customize talks for the meeting goals and theme. Sample keynote topics:

What surviving the Boston Marathon bombing taught me about resiliency

Each of us has difficult and traumatic experiences; and we all want to live our best lives. Resiliency is what helps get us through–it is an important skill we all have and can benefit from building. In this inspiring presentation, Manya will teach you participants to create environments that nurture whole lives. This program will encourage and challenge you to recognize how to recover, and even thrive, after difficult life experiences.

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Trauma sensitive leadership: Creating more compassionate workplaces

Every leader wants healthy people and a healthy environment. But what do you do when you or your team are overworked, stressed, and non-productive? This keynote offers a guide for recognizing signs of stress and trauma in order to help individuals build their own wellness, simple steps to validating difficult experiences, and how a compassionate environment improves engagement. Manya illuminates new perspectives on the role of leadership and the importance of paying attention to what matters to people’s lives.

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Words matter: How what you say (and don’t say) influences wellness

Difficult life experiences can create stress and trauma, which can make it harder for people to feel engaged with life and work, and can cause them to disconnect, isolate themselves, or feel invisible. How we talk about stress, trauma, and mental health matters—in helping individuals contextualize their own experiences and begin to heal. In this exciting presentation born of personal experience, Manya shares why we all benefit when we aren’t afraid to have difficult and nuanced conversations, and discusses the role of communication in aiding recovery and wellness.

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