About Manya

Manya learned about courage, strength, and resilience the hard way – when bombs exploding at the finish line of the Boston Marathon shattered her life. From her experience of post-traumatic stress and being an invisible victim because of her lack of physical injuries, Manya gained an understanding of what it means to find one’s voice and fight for a seat at the table, the importance of moving past stigma and recognizing psychological impacts of violence and other difficult events, and the value of compassion and inclusiveness. A communications expert with a background in writing, research, and marketing, Manya has become an advocate for people who experience psychological wounds after violent events. And she has transformed her experience to become a keynote speaker helping individuals and organizations understand the psychological impacts of trauma, discover their strengths, build resiliency, and navigate through change and crisis. She explores difficult topics with compassion and honesty about her own journey and struggles. Through working with and meeting other survivors, first responders and receivers, and professionals in emergency management, homeland security, and public health, Manya knows the power of validation in resilience, recovery, and growth. She is passionate about getting the message out and helping audiences find their strengths and take the next steps.