About Manya

Manya is a keynote speaker and advocate. Her life took an unexpected turn when the Boston Marathon bombings left her with deep emotional scars and post-traumatic stress. Her healing journey led her to help individuals and organizations reimagine leadership with a focus on empathy and well-being.

A communication expert with a background in writing, research, and marketing, Manya shares her powerful insights and helps individuals and organizations understand the mental and emotional effects of trauma and build resilience during times of change and crisis. She shared her wisdom on stages like SXSW and TEDx, on CBS, NPR, and in The Boston Globe.

Manya’s honest and down-to-earth approach when addressing challenging topics resonates with diverse audiences. Her passion lies in advocating for those affected by psychological wounds, emphasizing the importance of validation and visibility on the path to recovery and growth. She empowers her audiences to discover their inner strengths and take practical steps toward compassionate leadership.

The Power of
Finding a Voice

Manya knows what it’s like to struggle for recognition, overcoming the silence and stigma surrounding psychological wounds after traumatic events. Her journey emphasizes the importance of compassion and inclusivity in the process of healing and personal growth.

Passionate Advocate

Guiding question: How can we support trauma survivors and inspire resilience, empathy and well-being in our communities and organizations?

Core motivation: To ensure trauma survivors are seen, heard, and supported in the way they deserve.