Ugly art...

How about a trip to see the ugliest statues in the world…and get feedback from the locals?

This would take me to Turkmenistan, Georgia (the country), Mongolia, and back to Moscow (Did I miss this one the first time I was there, or did I just relegate it to one of those locked cabin trunks of memory, that I then placed on a top shelf behind some old copies of National Geographic, locked the closet door, threw away the key, thus never to have to recall?).

I’ve definitely seen some bad public art, so I bet I could easily add a few more places to this list.

Ugly is for the most part subjective. That means at least one person and probably more thought each of these statues were worth what they cost; thus indicating, I would imagine, that they think they look good. So it could be tricky to talk to the locals about them. I wouldn’t want to offend them, nor set them up by deceiving them about my true purpose.

Then again, my travel writing teacher did say that one must be (or become) an agent provocateur to get to the really good stories…

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